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High-performance storage at a competitive price.

INFINIDAT's InfiniBox is a revolutionary storage product. With the ability to store massive amounts of data within a single floor tile, your footprint remains small while your capacity can scale up. See for yourself why InfiniBox is the next generation storage with infinite capacity as your data grows.

InfiniBox features an efficient data distribution architecture that uses all drives all the time. This architecture not only delivers extremely high throughput, but also enables quick recovery from any component failure without impacting any system characteristics including performance or reliability.
Designed from the ground up for unmatched reliability, InfiniBox’s self-healing architecture with InfiniRAID™ delivers 99.99999% uptime. InfiniBox’s industry-leading snapshot and replication engine provides space-efficient snapshots and an ultra-fast replication.
An intuitive HTML5 GUI simplifies the most complex storage management operations. InfiniBox uses predictive analytics to ensure performance and availability. An elegant RESTful API and powerful CLI automate complex tasks. The result is an enterprise storage system that enables efficiency and is simple to manage.
Models range from 115TB to multiple petabytes of capacity in a single standard 42U rack. System capacity utilization is maximized with extremely efficient thin provisioning, space reclamation and other storage efficiency capabilities such as inline data compression. With compression, InfiniBox can scale to over 5PB of effective capacity.
Adapt to changing business needs by taking advantage of FC/iSCSI SAN, NAS, and Mainframe protocols in a single, common platform. Each of these protocols are built into InfiniBox’s DNA, and managed consistently through a single, simple and powerful management interface.
Integrates with the business applications in your datacenter using native interfaces. InfiniBox is bundled with a rich solution portfolio for platforms such as virtualization, databases, backup & recovery and more. Our fast and intuitive host connectivity and storage provisioning — Host PowerTools™ — shortens lengthy storage management tasks from days to seconds!

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